Book Relaunch Campaign

If your self-published book hasn’t taken off like you wanted, consider re-launching it.  Our Book Marketing Specialist will map out a plan to promote the book at all the right times, in all the right places, to all the right readers!


If the bloom has fallen from your publication, now is the time to shake off the dust and get
excited again.

Your book is still published! You are still a published author! And things in the marketplace may have changed in your favor since you first published. Bring your book back into the spotlight by relaunching it with renewed zest and zeal!

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If you need help strategizing and/or implementing book relaunch tactics, the Book Relaunch Campaign isa great place to start. Our professional Book Marketing Specialists will help you map out a plan to breathe life back into your book marketing efforts and help you market your book at new times, in new places, and to new buyersto reinvigorate your sales!

We can help by: 

  • Updating Your Marketing Plan:  A book marketing plan is as vital to marketing a book as an outline is to writing it.  Your marketing plan must be continuously updated to stay aligned with your goals and with changes in the market. We will review your current plan and make fresh suggestions for things you haven't tried.  Or, if you don't have a plan, we will create one that you can start using NOW to bolster sales.
  • Arranging Book Signings/Readings/Interviews:  There are always new readers to reach!  We can help you reach out to new audiences and schedule new events.
  • Recommending "New and Improved" Opportunities:  We see it every day: tried and true products announcing "new and improved" versions.  Books have the same opportunities to capitalize on this type of message—we'll recommend the best ones for your goals.
  • Enhancing Your Author Platform:  We'll help you target new audiences and rework your outreach messages to interest more, and different, groups in your book.
  • And TONS more!

Get started today to see how we can help you reach more readers—even years after publication.

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