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Amazon Launch Bundle

Outskirts Press helps self-publishing authors market their books. The Amazon Search Inside the Book functionality, an optimized Amazon product page listing and a professional Amazon Author Page will kickstart any self-published book’s sales potential.


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Save on 3 of our marketing services laser focused on Amazon.com book sales.

This bundle includes the Amazon Search Inside the Book service, our Amazon Listing Optimization service and our Amazon Author Page setup—plus exclusive access to our Everything You Need to Know About Selling Your Book on Amazon marketing TipSheet.

Our Top 3 Amazon Enhancement Services to Boost Book Sales!

Our top 3 Amazon enhancement services to boost book sales!

  • Amazon Author Page
  • Amazon Search Inside the Book
  • Amazon Listing Optimization

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Amazon Author Page

Convert more shoppers into buyers.  People like knowing who wrote the book they are considering and your Amazon Author Page gives them the opportunity to get to know you as an author. If you are an expert who has published a non-fiction book, your author page should share pertinent information about your expertise. If you are a fiction writer, your author page is an invaluable space to build your brand. The same holds true if you are a poet or children's book author.

Amazon Author Page example for Brent Sampson, award-winning, self-published author and President of Outskirts Press.

In fact, regardless of the type of book (or books) you have published, your Amazon Author Page serves one very important task: it sells YOU to your potential readers.

The Amazon Author Page is more than just a new section on your sales page. It is your entire author presence on Amazon! And when set up correctly, your Amazon Author Page includes...

  • your entire bibliography of published books
  • a direct RSS feed to your author blog
  • and so much more!

Amazon Search Inside the Book 

Amazon "Search Inside" service offered by Outskirts Press. Amazon's "online equivalent" to flipping through a book in the bookstore. Books that participate in Amazon's "Search Inside" program feature a "Look Inside" icon over their Amazon cover image, which invites potential customers to electronically "flip" through a small section of the book.

Amazon indicates that books participating in this program enjoy "significant" sales improvement over books that do not. Equally important is the effect this participation has on your Amazon search results. More data about your book's content is provided to Amazon's search functionality which potentially results in more accurate and targeted search results and recommendations to potential readers.

Amazon Listing Optimization

The importance of your product sales page on Amazon cannot be overstated. The trick is to include relevant, compelling, sales information (with a marketing slant) that will not only increase the number of people seeing your page (thanks to search engine optimization techniques), but will also increase the number of those people actually buying your book.

Your book description should do a good job of pitching your book independently of any other efforts you are taking. That means your Amazon sales content has to be written in such a way to help search engines find your book's sales page and motivates readers to buy your book. While it may sound simple enough, writing such a  successful book description often takes time and research.

Our professional copywriters spend a lot of time around books. We know what makes browsers buy books.  And our marketing folks know what content search engines respond to. By combining these, your search engine optimized and "polished" sales content means more people can potentially find your book with less effort on your part.

Outskirts Press Published Author 5 Star Review

Ruth Eastman reviews the Outskirts Press Amazon Launch Bundle Service

I'm so pleased with the Amazon Launch Bundle I purchased recently. I was delighted when I went to Amazon's website and found my book picture there with the look inside the book and sample texts. I did not have to do the work to establish that feature or wait a lengthy time for it to appear. Thanks Outskirts Press for this marketing option.

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