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Get your book into the in-box (over 37,000) of a wide audience of literary enthusiasts with our Amazon Featured Book of the Week option. Scroll down to for more information.

Wouldn't it be great if your book's cover, along with an easy way to order your book directly from Amazon, could be delivered directly to the email in-box of thousands of interested readers and other writers?

That is exactly what you get with our Amazon Featured-Book-of-the-Week option:

  • *Your book is featured exclusively in a blog posting on our Self Publishing News blog as the featured Amazon Book-of-the-Week (see an example below)
  • * Over 37,000 readers and writers who subscribe will receive your Amazon-branded Featured Book of the Week email directly into their in-box, along with a convenient way to order your book directly from Amazon.
  • * Your blog post is broadcast to our social community on Facebook and Twitter, resulting in even more exposure for your Amazon Featured Book.

Outskirts Press Featured Book of the Week

Both the email and blog post feature your book cover image, plus a button linking to your book for sale on Amazon, just like you see in the example above. This makes it extremely easy for readers to purchase your book and write reviews.

Yes, Amazon offers the ability to send emails like this manually, and you should certainly do that for your own targeted list of friends and family, too. But with this option, you get thousands of email recipients, plus exposure on our three most popular social media channels (our blog, our Facebook page, and our Twitter account). You will receive a free tip sheet upon purchase full of helpful tips on how best to utilize your Amazon Featured Book of the Week purchase.

Reserve your spot as soon as possible. Spots will fill up fast.

Reviews of your book greatly enhance this option!  Make sure to have at least one review on Amazon.