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Blue Ink Guaranteed Book Review

Self-published authors books deserve to be found by booksellers, librarians, publishers & agents.  The best way to reach that audience & receive critical exposure for their book with a guaranteed book review from Blue Ink Book Reviews.


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Does your book deserve to be found by booksellers, librarians, publishers and agents looking for new authors to represent?  You can reach that audience and receive critical exposure for your book with a guaranteed book review from Blue Ink Book Reviews.

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Get a Quotable Blurb for Your Book with Blue Ink Book Reviews

Have you been trying to get a professional book review for your book but you keep hitting a brick wall?

Are you looking for a guaranteed and honest review of your book, one that provides you with marketing blurbs and promotional "plugs?"

What if we told you that you can have all this and more with a guaranteed book review from Blue Ink Reviews?  You don't even have to order extra copies of your book, drive to the post office, pay for postage, or be left wondering if all your efforts will result in a review, etc.   You know you'll receive a review, and we'll take care of all the details! If your review includes a positive blub or testimonial (and at your request), Outskirts Press will even revise the cover of your book for free so you can put that high-quality quote on your cover (we recommend the front, since that's what most people see when browsing books on Amazon.

Here's what you'll get:

  • We will submit two (2) copies of your book to Blue Ink for a standard turnaround review (10-12 weeks).
  • A qualified reviewer will be assigned your book. 
  • The reviewer will write a standard review (about 200-300 words). We will then send you the review to be used as you see fit.
  • If you notify us that you have a new, positive review or quote from Blue Ink due to this option, Outskirts Press will revise your cover for free (at your request) to place the quote on your book cover for further marketing purposes.

According to Blue Ink Reviews, "librarians and booksellers can search for the self-published books that are set in their regions, or written by authors from their hometowns, a factor they often consider in determining whether to stock self-published work. Publishers and agents, on the other hand, can search for those books containing sales figures and marketing achievements, through the “Author Platform” paid ads. Such information is important to them when considering material they might be interested in representing or publishing. And all visitors can search for the best books by clicking on “Notable Reviews,” eliminating the need to browse through books of lesser merit."

That means a Blue Ink review can provide you with just the exposure you're looking for as a new or seasoned author.

Blue Ink provides 100% honest feedback that the author can use as either a promotional tool or to improve upon their future writings. While receiving a review is guaranteed, it's important to keep in mind that Blue Ink reviewers are professionals, and they will be honest.  However, that makes a positive review all that more valuable for marketing purposes. Even a negative review can have a positive element to extract for a blurb or cover quote.  

Outskirts Press is not responsible for the content of the Blue Ink review and has no control over whether the Blue Ink reviewer likes or dislikes your book.  A negative review is not grounds for a refund. Almost all reviews contain something useful for promotional purposes.

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Outskirts Press reviews

Author of the award-winning book The Garden of Life published with Outskirts Press

The Blue Ink book review service offered through Outskirts Press was the perfect choice for me as a first time author. By choosing this option, I could be certain that not only would my book be guaranteed an honest review from a highly trusted and credible name in the indie book review industry, but also that everything would be handled quickly and professionally for me. My book, The Garden of Life, was awarded a Starred Review and that means Blue Ink will now feature it in monthly newsletters, promote it on social media and highlight it on their landing page on the web. Additionally, it will forever be available to be seen in their 'Notable Books' section. That's exactly the kind of targeted marketing and exposure that first time authors need.

Todd Michael Putnam

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