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Kirkus Guaranteed Book Review

Self-publishing authors can get an unbiased & guaranteed review of their book from the book industry's renowned book critics with the Kirkus Indie review service.  A Kirkus review offers authors content for cover blurbs & product pages.


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Get quotable snippets to use in book marketing or on the cover of your book with an unbiased and guaranteed review of your book from the book industry's renowned Kirkus Guaranteed Book Review service from Outskirts Press.

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Get a Quotable Blurb for Your Book with Kirkus Reviews

Guaranteed book reviews by Kirkus Reviews from Outskirts Press self-publishing Getting a book review from a recognized source can be one of the biggest challenges for authors.

Do you need some help getting past that challenge? A good way to start getting people "buzzing" about your book is to seek out book reviews from quality sources like Kirkus Reviews. There are many book bloggers and sites that review author's books and post their feedback. How do you know you are getting an honest review? Or, worse yet, what if you submit your book and they decline to review it at all?

With the Kirkus Guaranteed Book Review service from Outskirts Press, you are guaranteed to receive a review of your book.

They provide 100% honest feedback that the author can use as either a promotional tool or to improve upon their future writings.

If your review includes a positive blub or testimonial, Outskirts Press will revise the cover of your book for free so you can put that high-quality quote on your cover (we recommend the front, since that's what most people see when browsing books online).

Outskirts Press can help you get a guaranteed book review from Kirkus Reviews. Kirkus will assign a qualified reviewer to write a standard review of your book (about 200-300 words). Kirkus reviewers include librarians, business executives, journalists from national publications, PhDs, creative executives in entertainment and publishing industries, and others. Your Kirkus review may be chosen to be featured in the Kirkus newsletter that is read by librarians, booksellers, publishers, journalists and entertainment executives.

Remember, a guaranteed book review does not guarantee a positive review. Kirkus reviewers are book critics and they will be honest.  But that makes a positive review all that more valuable for marketing purposes. And even a negative review can have a positive element to extract for a blurb or cover quote. 

Outskirts Press is not responsible for the content of the Kirkus review and has no control over whether the Kirkus reviewer likes or dislikes your book.  A negative review is not grounds for a refund.   Almost all reviews contain something useful for promotional purposes.

If your book is over 200,000 words, an additional fee will apply. 

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