Enhanced Interior Formatting with Author Input


This option is a compromise between the standard (but also inflexible) Interior Formatting option and the custom (but also relatively expensive) Custom Interior Formatting option. Scroll to Product Details below for more information.

When it comes to the interior formatting of a manuscript, authors often fall into one of three camps.

1) Standard - The author does not have specific design or formatting ideas and would rather rely upon our expertise in formatting the book according to industry best practices based upon the manuscript's genre.  Authors in this camp are best served by the free Standard Interior Formatting option.

2) Custom - The author has very specific formatting requirements that often differ by chapter and/or even by page in some instances.  The establishment of a manuscript formatting style sheet rarely pertains to these books because the interior is so specific, and so custom that the author requires one-on-one, page-by-page input with the designer.  Authors in this camp are best served by the optional Custom Interior Formatting with Author Input option.

3) And then there are the authors who fall somewhere in between. Perhaps they have a general idea of the font they want to use, or the treatment of the headers or footers or chapter pages, etc.  Perhaps they want their final book formatted as closely as possible to their originally-submitted manuscript.  Or maybe they just want to make sure their interior is unlike any other book out there. Authors in this camp are best served by the Enhanced Interior Formatting with Author Input option.

Author testimonial

"What an impressive start for the design of the book! I love the choice of font, the graphic elements that resemble a brushstroke used as spacers, and the design for the Part I section as well as the Interview section headings. All perfect!" - Barbara Lehman Smith

The Enhanced Interior Formatting with Author Input solicits design requirements from the author in advance of book formatting. This allows the author to specify formatting elements like font style, font size, line spacing, margins, hyphenation, title pages, chapter pages, and other formatting elements of this nature. The author may even choose to supply their own licensed font for their book.

Once those requests are received from the author, the author's personal Enhanced Style Sheet is created by one of our professional book designers. The Style Sheet will define the appearance of the title page, chapter pages, headers, footers, full pages, etc. 

Once the Style Sheet is completed, the author will receive a PDF proof of the 4-6 page Style Sheet, which will establish the overall aesthetics of the manuscript. The author will have one opportunity to make requested changes to the Style Sheet proof and then the Style Sheet will be finalized.

Once a finalized Style Sheet exists that meets the author's approval, our book formatter will substitute the author's Enhanced Style Sheet in place of the Standard Style Sheet used with our Standard Interior Formatting option, and then the author's book will be formatted in accordance with the author's Enhanced Style Sheet for an Enhanced Interior Style.

Author testimonial

"I just received my book Starfish, Seashells, Coral and Gems. I was very pleased with the interior of my book. I love the colored pages, the style of font, and the text format. I selected the Enhanced Interior Style with author input. This allowed me to participate in the decision-making, with the production process of the book. I definitely would recommend the Enhanced Interior option to everyone." - Barbara Bryan

 Important details about this option:

The enhanced interior style constitutes the development of a "design style sheet" in InDesign, which can be subsequently used by a book formatter when designing the manuscript in Adobe InDesign. The Enhanced Interior Style, on its own, does not involve the formatting of a manuscript, but instead, establishes a consistent design style throughout the manuscript based upon the author's specific requests. As such, design of the style sheet cannot begin without the author's participation.

A "style sheet" is not a page-by-page definition of the manuscript but, rather, identifies all the common elements such as margins, font, line spacing, drop caps, headers, footers, and other formatting elements of this nature. If you require page-by-page input the Custom Interior Formatting option is a more appropriate choice.

Author testimonial

"Wow!!!! These are awesome concepts! I love them all. I would like to go with Concept A. It really captures the feel I was hoping to achieve. I had no idea how it would be possible to go from a full-color PowerPoint presentation to a black and white book and keep the feel, but you did. This is truly something I would have been unable to do for myself. Thanks for taking the time to understand what I needed for this book." - Horace McMillon

You may be contacted by the style sheet designer for specific participation in the design of the style sheet but only at the sole discretion of the designer. Outside of the direct communication initiated by the designer, your communication concerning style design will be through your Author Representative.

Any requests for specific fonts or graphic elements that are not already available through Outskirts Press require you to submit said elements along with their applicable licenses for use. The style sheet will be established manually and, as such, the potential for human error exists. It is the author's sole responsibility to review the formatted manuscript during the galley review stage, not only for the existence of any previous errors, but to locate and resolve new errors that may have been inadvertently introduced by the formatter during formatting.

You will have one opportunity to review the style sheet as a PDF proof and make one set of revisions to the style before the style is finalized. If further rounds of style revisions are necessary (for example, if you change your mind about the style sheet), revision fees will apply. The Enhanced Interior Formatting with Author Input fees are non-refundable.

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