Cover Pitch Enhancement

The words on the back of your self-published book must pack a punch! An Outskirts Press copywriter can add zing to your book synopsis and author biography.


The description and summary of your book that appears on the back cover must pack a punch! Allow our copywriter to add some zing to your book's synopsis and your author biography.

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With Only 8 Seconds to Engage a Reader—Cover Text Must Pop!

Eight seconds is all the time you have to WOW a potential reader into considering your book. 3 seconds for the cover design and 5 seconds for what the cover says.

With so much competition, it's more important than ever to make your book stand out in the crowd.  Only slightly less important than a unique and captivating cover design, professionally written cover copy converts browsers into buyers. 

With the Cover Text Refinement service, one of our professional copywriters will infuse your book’s cover copy with book marketing appeal and compelling zing to make every one of those 5 seconds count.

Your headline, synopsis, and author biography will be enhanced for optimal book sales appeal. 

Adding the Cover Text Refinement service later (during the proof review process) will incur additional fees; so it's best to add this service before work begins on your cover design.

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