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Publish Your Passion includes...

  • page-by-page details and comparisons of our One-Click Suite of services
    • One-Click for Non-Fiction
    • One-Click for Fiction
    • One-Click for Spiritual Books
    • One-Click for Children's Books

  • details of our all-new custom, a la carte black/white packages
    • The Ultimate
    • The Basic
    • The Economy

  • details of our gorgrous full-color packages
    • One-Click for Children's Books
    • The Full-Color

 You will learn about:

  • the step-by-step process for starting your publishing journey
  • the costs and benefits of each publishing service we offer

Learn how Outskirts Press can help make your book publishing dreams a reality faster, easier, and more affordably than anywhere else by downloading Publish Your Passion today. 


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