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Free Publishing Guide: Publish Your Passion

Outskirts Press takes the complexity & guesswork out of publishing & our mission is to help self-publishing authors publish the book of their dreams. Publish Your Passion succinctly summarizes the publishing services available at Outskirts Press.


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Are you ready to turn your writing dreams into reality?

At Outskirts Press, we understand the passion and dedication it takes to create a masterpiece. With over two decades of experience, our US-based team of experts has helped countless authors like you bring their stories to life, in print, eBook and audiobook formats. Our commitment to excellence has earned us the trust and loyalty of writers worldwide. Today, we invite you to embark on a publishing journey that combines the power of your creativity with our expertise.

If you'd like to review our publishing services in book format, simply click the "Add to cart" button and check out of your shopping cart.  A free digital download (PDF) publishing guide will be sent to you instantly via email.

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Different presentation formats work better for different people—which is why we recommend that every author make their books available in several format styles (paperback, hardback, eBook, audiobook, and PDF digital download).  And that's why we are offering you a free digital download PDF which summarizes our publishing services in a different format than our website.  

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Outskirts Press publishing services for self-publishing authors.

If you would prefer to receive our free publishing guide in paperback format, simply email info@outskirtspress.com with your name and mailing address and request a copy be mailed to you. 

The best part about receiving the guide in paperback format is that it serves as an example of our high-quality book printing.  You can request to see a version of the guide with white or creme paper, with a glossy or matte cover, and in black & white or full-color.

Or, better yet, view the publishing guide in our popular flipbook format.

Publish Your Passion

  • Details for our full-service One-Click Publishing & Marketing Suites
  • Details for our custom, a la carte black & white publishing services
  • Details for our vibrant full-color publishing services
  • Step-by-step instructions for starting your publishing journey

Learn how we can help make your book publishing dreams a reality faster, easier, and more affordably than anywhere else by downloading Publish Your Passion today. 

But that's not all! 

Add Publish Your Passion to your cart today, and you will also receive a FREE BONUS eBOOK, Self-Publishing Questions Asked & Answered, written by Outskirts Press president, Brent Sampson.

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