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Book Teaser Video Clip (30 seconds)

The Outskirts Press Book Video Teaser is a slick, creative way for a self-published author to promote their book effectively across all social media channels to an ever-growing video-centric audience.


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Kickstart your book marketing with a Book Video Teaser.  These fast and flashy videos are a cost-effective way to engage readers on all multi-media platforms. 

The second largest search engine is YouTube and, as TikTok has taught us, video is king—be sure your book is poised to get the attention it deserves in today's visual market. 

Save 20% on your Book Video Teaser when you publish with Outskirts Press.  Scroll down for more information. 

Kickstart your Book Marketing with a Book Video Teaser

Outskirts Press Book Video Teasers are perfect for self-publishing authors looking to market their books to an ever more visual readership.Book Video Teasers are exciting video announcements, available exclusively through Outskirts Press, for the purposes of announcing the publication of your book and getting your social and video networking efforts off to a flashy start!

A Book Video Teaser is different from the more robust and longer Book Video Trailers you may have seen popping up all over the internet on sites like TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Book Video Teasers are approximately 30-seconds long—fast and flashy—featuring your book cover, your author photo (if supplied), and your book's availability.

Press PLAY to watch a sample of a Book Video Teaser.

Pretty cool, right?

With the popularity of sites like YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook, any author can create a profile and start uploading videos for the purposes of book promotion. The trick becomes having content to upload. Producing professional looking videos is complicated, time-consuming, and difficult. That's where our Book Video Trailers and Book Video Teasers can really come in handy.

Your Book Video Teaser will be delivered to you as an .mp4 file via email. Once you have the file, you can start your viral video promotion. Here are the most popular video sharing sites:

Your Outskirts Press Book Video Teaser can be uploaded to any of these popular social and streaming sites.

How it Works:

The Book Video Teaser is a randomly generated 25-35 second video clip that features the following specific elements of your book: title, author byline, cover, author photo (if supplied), retail price, and a specific and unalterable snippet of licensed music. The random nature of the creation process ensures that no two videos are ever exactly the same.

Book Video Teasers cannot be edited or recompiled once delivered without another Book Video Teaser purchase.

Outskirts Press self-published author Linda Reed's book Winter of 1950

A word from an author about the Book Video Teaser...

I am beyond thrilled that I purchased the Book Video Teaser feature Outskirts Press offers for several reasons. The Book Video Teaser that was created for me, captured my heart. At the moment I saw this teaser, I knew my dream had been realized. Just the obeisance this teaser created was surreal. I can not thank Outskirts Press enough for the teaser that was created for me. It still touches my heart when I see it!

Linda K. Reed

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