xEmerald book printing (b/w interior, color cover)


The Emerald printing package was the no-frills method of turning a manuscript into a perfect bound paperback for your personal use only. It didn't include an ISBN nor distribution of any kind. The Emerald was discontinued as an option with the August 1, 2016 service upgrades. 

Included Free with the Emerald

  • self publishing One trim size and one author's copy

    The Emerald offers one paperback trim size option with two simple cover choices to choose from. Once published, you will be invited to order your 1 free paperback copy, which includes free shipping within the continental United States. You may order more at any time for your below-wholesale author's price in quantities as low as 5 at a time.

  • self publishing Standard Interior Book Formatting

    Another reason Outskirts Press is rated #1 is because our books look so professional, both on the outside and the inside. Every Emerald package includes free standard interior book formatting by a real, live (and talented) human being.

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