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Are you including images inside your book? Do you have them in electronic format? If so, this option is the best one for you. Each 10-pack includes up to 10 images, charts, graphics, etc. Simply upload them directly through your Authors Center by choosing the first choice below. If you have too many images to upload directly, the site will tell you so, and then choose one of the other options. Scroll down to Product Details for more information.

Please be sure you are logged-in and then select one of your Titles to add this option to your cart.
If you have images for the interior of your book you will need to purchase either a 10-Pack of Interior Images/Graphic Elements.
There are two choices - uploading the images digitally, or sending them to us through the mail (either on CD/disk, or in hard copy).
Any "element" other than text requires this option, including photos, illustrations, clipart, graphs, charts, tables, drawings, text boxes, etc.  Each 10-pack allows for up to 10 images or graphic elements so if you have more than 10 you will need to buy additional 10-packs.  The only exceptions to this are the table of contents, which is included with your standard formatting, and an index, which is a separate option altogether.

Submitting the images electronically via the author’s center is the best way to proceed. If you have a lot of images, however, you may need to submit them via our FTP site – ask your Author Rep for details on how to do this. Our website will tell you if you are trying to submit too many images. The maximum is around 30 MB (most 300-dpi .jpg images are approximately 1 MB per page).  If you are submitting .bmps, you will hit this capacity much faster, so try to submit .jpg or .tif images.
Remember that charts or tables being formatted within the body of the manuscript also apply toward your total element count. So, for example, 6 images and 6 charts will require 2 images packages, since 12 total elements are required, and packages are in groups of 10. Image submission fees are non-refundable.

If you only have a hard copy of the images you want to submit you can choose the 10-Pack of Interior Images/Graphic Elements, Submitted in Hardcopy Format option and send the images to our office via the mail. Submission via the mail also incurs a Mailing Service fee of $99. If you want the images back you will need to include a self-addressed stamped envelope with the original submission. Images submitted without a self-addressed stamped envelope will be discarded once they have been digitized for production. It is best NOT to send original images if at all possible.
Remember that for every image you submit, it must be in high-resolution (300 dpi) and you must own the rights to the image. Images that are not supplied at the appropriate 300 DPI resolution and size may still be used at Outskirts Press' sole discretion, and/or with the author's full understanding that print-quality may suffer in light of the lower-than-optimal resolution and this does not constitute justification for a revision or refund in any way. If Outskirts Press decides that an author-supplied image is not of necessary quality to use, the author may supply a different image (provided it meets the necessary specifications). Additional submission fees may apply in this case.  
Copying images from websites on the Internet without permission is an infringement of copyright law.  Your Author Rep can provide you with Authorization forms upon request.

You are responsible for supplying clear, descriptive instructions for where the internal images should be formatted in the document.  These instructions should be uploaded along with the image files during the file uploading process and should refer to each image by file name.

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