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Dark is the Harbor

Tales of the U. S. Submarine War Against Japan in World War II; The War Patrols of USS Trout (SS 202)

by Jeweldeen “Deen” Brown, RMCM (SS), USN Ret. Edited by Stephen Leal Jackson, PhD


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Product description...

Battle of Midway, the Doolittle Raid, the “Gold Sub”

The submarine USS Trout (SS 202) completed eleven war patrols during World War II. Beginning by rescuing 20 tons of gold from the Philippines, Trout supported the Doolittle Raid on Tokyo, participated in the Battle of Midway, and damaged or destroyed enemy ships from giant aircraft carriers to equally small submarines. Trout performed special missions, landing special forces and materials of war in occupied Philippines as well as extracting escaping American P.O.W.s. RMCM (SS) Jeweldeen “Deen” Brown served on the Trout on the front line of naval war with Japan for eight war patrols. He experienced numerous depth charge attacks, surface gun actions, and stealth missions into enemy territory. While on board Brown participated in successful attacks against Japanese cargo ships, tankers, transport ships, gunboats, and submarines. Trout was credited with twelve vessels sunk for over 37,000 tons of shipping destroyed, though the actual tally may have been much higher. Brown was not on board for Trout’s final patrol, the one from which she did not return. His contribution to the admirable record of this war veteran submarine on her fighting patrols and adventurous and dangerous special missions was invaluable. Sadly, Trout was lost; she ended her career as she began it—fighting. This is his, and Trout’s, story.

Product details...

Format: 6 x 9 Black & White Paperback, 195 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (May 18, 2024)
ISBN10: 1977273440
ISBN13: 9781977273444
Genre: HISTORY / Wars & Conflicts / World War II / General

Author Information...

Jeweldeen “Deen” Brown, RMCM (SS), USN Ret. Edited by Stephen Leal Jackson, PhDJeweldeen “Deen” Brown served as a radioman on the submarine USS Trout (SS 202) for eight war patrols beginning in 1942. Brown’s tenure on the boats included the Doolittle Raid on Tokyo, the Battle of Midway, and several special missions to Japanese occupied Philippines landing men and materials and rescuing escaped P.O.W.s. He related these experiences with the energy, detail, and authenticity that only an on-scene observer could.
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