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Washing Worms

Memories of a Southern Girl

by Tommye Staley


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Product description...

“This book had my complete attention from the very start. The way the author writes makes you feel as if you are living this story. Anxiously awaiting the next book…..” —Suzi, a friend

“A poignant heartwarming story, capturing the innocence and freedom of growing up in rural Arkansas. A natural storyteller, her style engages and enchants. The setting, characters and events are memorable. Like the title ‘Washing Worms’, it washes over you and stays with you in a delightful way. A must read….” —Susan, English teacher

“It was a good book, I enjoyed it a lot……” —Elmer, a 90 year old gentleman

“It is a captivating, reflective, and highly entertaining narrative of her early childhood in rural Arkansas, including a charming cast of characters with whom she shared the local landscape….” —Tom Wilson. JD, PhD, retired Dir. Arizona Museum of Natural History

Product details...

Format: 6 x 9 Black & White Paperback, 155 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (Feb 24, 2024)
ISBN10: 1977270794
ISBN13: 9781977270795
Genre: BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY / Personal Memoirs

Author Information...

Tommye has been a wife, mother, and school teacher for over fifty years. This is the story of her beginning on an isolated Arkansas farm in 1942. It follows her through wonderful and tragic times, as she forms relationships with both people and animals, learning how to live her life. Joe, Lou, and the other people on the island, try to teach her how to avoid being sent to reform school at the tender age of four! She truly fears nothing and is very adventurous in her passion for learning about living life. Joe told her that she didn’t have to wash the worms, the fish didn’t mind eating dirty worms. These ‘life lessons’ learned from Joe, and others, almost prepared her for the time her idyllic life was snatched away from her, or better said, her from it.
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