How to Die Young as Old as You Can

How to Die Young as Old as You Can

A New Script on Growing Healthier Into Your 60s, 70s, 80s, and Even 90s

by Doug Melody, Ph.D., CFT


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A new script on the “old” topic of aging.

Does being older mean enduring a life of chronic disease and disability? Is this all we have to look forward to as we age? This 72-year-old author really doesn’t believe so. Despite what many of us think and what we’re led to believe, most all of us do have choices in terms of how we live in our “old age”. Doug Melody is challenging the script currently in place that directs us on how we’re expected to live out the third and fourth quarters of our lives, arguing that adherence to this false narrative is the root cause of our age-old beliefs about old age itself. There’s a difference between passively getting older and actively growing older. But the author is up front with his readers - “How To Die Young As Old As You Can” is not an anti-aging treatise that promises to extend your lifespan. It’s your health span - the ability to engage with life in meaningful ways on your wished-for terms - that needs to expand in concert with these extra years the medical miracles are now granting us. Aging is an unavoidable experience. There is no denying this and Melody is not. But the multiple effects of aging are reversible and, if not completely avoidable, subject to a significant slowdown. There are several factors within your grasp that can assist in tapping the brakes to this inevitable decline. “How To Die Young As Old As You Can” provides directions on just how to do this, with extensive scientific research combined with personal experience to support his beliefs.

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Format: 5.5 x 8.5 Black & White Paperback, 259 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (Nov 28, 2022)
ISBN10: 1977259413
ISBN13: 9781977259417
Genre: HEALTH & FITNESS / General

Author Information...

Doug Melody, Ph.D., CFTWith a doctoral dissertation completed in the area of sport performance, several certifications in the fitness field, a lifetime of training himself and others, Doug is now sharing his expertise and experience on how to grow older in healthier ways. When not coaching others, he enjoys every moment he gets in sharing time with his close family.
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