The Perfect Arrangement

The Perfect Arrangement

by Gabriela Pechova


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Robert took a drink from his glass, lounged back on his sofa and then set the glass of wine down within easy reach. A warm glow from the alcohol desensitized him to what he was doing, as he continued to look at the screen of his computer.

With two fingers on the scroll pad of his laptop, he watched carefully as pictures of young women rolled down the screen. Still a long damn way from accepting that this was the right way to find a woman, he discarded one picture after the next. While he admitted that some of the women were beautiful, and some were even stupidly beautiful, every picture he saw contained the same common denominator. Greed. Greed came from every set of gleaming eyes that looked out from the screen. An arrogance that screamed, ‘I know I’m beautiful. I know you want me, and for the right price you can have me.’ And evidently, from what he’d read so far, the right price, the going price, was about 10 thousand a month. Ten thousand a month that he could very well afford if he chose to do this. It wasn’t as if he was on a simple dating site, no, the website he was looking at wasn’t as socially acceptable as that. He was on an ‘arrangement’ site. A site that matched men who were more than willing to pay for the company of a woman with the women who didn’t mind getting paid for said ‘company.’

It wasn’t prostitution. Of course, it wasn’t. That wouldn’t be legal.

Product details...

Format: 5.5 x 8.5 Black & White Paperback, 205 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (Jul 23, 2022)
ISBN10: 1977255604
ISBN13: 9781977255600
Genre: FICTION / Romance / General

Author Information...

Gabriela Pechova a is a Czech-American living in Atlanta, GA. She has volunteered in orphanages all over the world - Uganda, Guatemala, India, and Vietnam are a few of the locations. She lives with her two dogs and is a passionate animal lover. Gabriela graduated at American Continental University with a Bachelor's degree in international business. She adopted her nephew and helped raise him in Atlanta to provide education and opportunities for a greater quality of life.
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