Roby Comes to New York

Roby Comes to New York

(revised and enlarged Anniversary edition)

by Robert Mackel


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“I felt I had done something right”

This is a genial memoir of a Luxembourger’s student days in New York during the turbulent nineteen-seventies. The narrative describes the author’s diverse adventures encountered during daily life and discovery of America, and his experiences as a graduate student at an élite American University (The Rockefeller University). The account is replete with observations on the sometimes peculiar (to a European), and sometimes admirable, behavior exhibited by Americans. Paralleling impressions of Japanese, Swedish and German lifestyles round up the author’s paean to New York and his decision to settle there for good.

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Format: 6 x 9 Black & White Casebound, 161 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (Jun 19, 2022)
ISBN10: 1977255531
ISBN13: 9781977255532

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The author was born in the small European country of Luxembourg where he spent his childhood and teenage years. He graduated from the University of Zurich (Switzerland) and The Rockefeller University in New York. He was a member of the Rockefeller University faculty and held academic positions in Sweden, Germany and the U.S. He traveled extensively, lectured internationally, and authored numerous scientific publications. He is now a citizen of both Luxembourg and the United States, is retired, and lives in Connecticut.
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