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Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens

by Sam Sumac


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Product description...

A Story That Proves We All Write Our Own Futures

This is a story about getting lucky. No, that’s not right. When talking about a ravenous horde of space invaders coming to Earth and causing the end of humanity, perhaps it’s erroneous to look for any moments of good luck. Okay, this is a story about love. No, that’s not totally right either. Even though some characters do find love, the pervasive darkness of an apocalyptic saga like this one usually eclipses any references to such light-hearted qualities like love. Hm, let’s see. Ah, this is an absurd story about the power of following one’s own fate, blues music, Buddhism, tungsten, seabirds, insanity, science fiction writers, and ill-begotten pathways to find absolution. Or, maybe it’s just the story about an ancient, flatulent dog saving the world and fixing the human species.

Product details...

Format: 5 x 8 Black & White Paperback, 457 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (Apr 10, 2022)
ISBN10: 1977253725
ISBN13: 9781977253729
Genre: FICTION / Science Fiction / Humorous

Author Information...

The facts about Sam Sumac are hazy, at best. Many details of his life have not been corroborated. Supposedly, he was born in Buffalo, NY in 1946, where he lived with his mother until he joined the U.S. Army and fought in Vietnam as a Tunnel Rat. After the war, he suffered mental breakdowns, sold shoes, wrote sci-fi novels, and then vanished without a trace. Piss & Vinegar was his first published book.
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