What Is Their Karma For Hurting You?

What Is Their Karma For Hurting You?

A roadmap to healing from trauma.

by Pamela Cox


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What is their Karma For hurting you?

No one wants to feel like they were used, abused, or taken advantage of. Especially when it seems as though the abusers appear to remain unpunished. This is a wound from abuse that doesn’t heal, until there is justice. Karma is the law that defends the innocent and is a catalyst for healing and recovery. Karma is a benevolent benefactor, the great seer of deeds and the holy distributor of justice. The loving mother that holds us in her arms until the weeping ceases.

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Format: 6 x 9 Black & White Paperback, 37 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (Jan 26, 2022)
ISBN10: 1977249825
ISBN13: 9781977249821
Genre: SELF-HELP / Abuse

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Pamela CoxMy name is Pamela Cox. I am an abuse and trauma survivor. I have spent many years in search of healing. This book is my personal gift to those in pain. A roadmap to happiness, joy, and a way out of the maze. This book was written for the reader. That they may find the way back home to themselves, and feel safe in the returning .
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