Affirmations from the Golden Years

Affirmations from the Golden Years

Reflections from the Life of a Black Woman Minister: A Partial Memoir

by Laverne S. Cathey


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A Black Female Minister Shares Good News from the Bible

How does life experience as a Southern black woman influence the ways in which she interprets and understands a “call” into Christian ministry? the basic message of the Bible? the moral demands of the faith? This volume offers insights from an octogenarian who has sought answers to these compelling questions. As she highlights lessons learned and wisdom acquired throughout her 83-year life journey, the author offers critical reflections (affirmations) upon 12 selected biblical passages. The reader will find her approach to be an eclectic one. She shares poignant personal anecdotes and uses examples from black women’s history in the black church, human relationships, and character development to illumine each affirmation. The “word studies” which accompany each scriptural text are eye-opening! Every person who desires a deeper understanding of these 12 passages will discover previously hidden layers of meaning that are life transforming. Prepare to enter a black woman minister’s world and to drink deeply from her wells of experience and wisdom. What awaits all who enter is an encounter with the demands of one’s own personal life journey. That encounter is sure to offer inspiration and hope.

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Format: 6 x 9 Black & White Paperback, 111 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (Dec 23, 2021)
ISBN10: 1977249736
ISBN13: 9781977249739
Genre: RELIGION / Christian Living / Inspirational

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Laverne S. CatheyA black woman of 83 years, born and raised in the Southern U.S., Laverne Cathey knows what it means to navigate the social crises of that region – racism and civil rights, sexism and women’s rights, poverty and economic rights. She has also experienced the challenges of countless women who have sought ordination in a Church denomination that has historically denied women. She is well-equipped to offer insights from scripture which will affirm God’s love for ALL people. Laverne S. Cathey currently lives in Memphis, Tennessee and serves as an Associate Minister at Lake Cormorant Baptist Church in Walls, Mississippi.
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