Rōmons in Shinto Shrines

Rōmons in Shinto Shrines

The Past and the Present of Majestic Two-Storied Gates in Japan

by Akiko S. Hosler


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Mysteries of rōmons are finally uncovered

This is the very first book about rōmons (two-storied gates) in Shinto shrines. It answers such basic questions as “How many rōmons exist in Japan?” “What do they look like?” and “Where are they located?”, and also tells many untold, intriguing stories and trivia of rōmons in the past and the present. It comes with a directory of all 225 existing rōmons and bibliography.

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Format: 7 x 10 Black & White Paperback, 108 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (Oct 08, 2021)
ISBN10: 1977246826
ISBN13: 9781977246820
Genre: ARCHITECTURE / Buildings / Religious

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Akiko Hosler is a professor of Epidemiology at University at Albany (SUNY). As a native of Kyoto, she has always been interested in traditional Japanese architecture. Applying the technical principles of disease surveillance, she collected rich data and untold stories of rōmons in Shinto shrines across Japan.
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