Living the Hybrid RV Lifestyle

Living the Hybrid RV Lifestyle

A Guide for Those Who Love Full-time RVing, Yet Need the Stability of a Home

by J. Bentley Radcliff


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Your Guide to Living the Full-Time Hybrid RV Lifestyle!

Hybrid RV living is an exciting, full-time RV lifestyle that allows you to have both an RV and your own RV lot to come home to. It’s a fantastic way to transition from a home to the freedom of full- time RV living, while still having a static address, community, and critical services.

My wife, Sharon, and I made the switch to full-timing after years of recreational RVing, but neither of us were ready to be nomads. Sharon said she needed a permanent address, and that is when we discovered the Hybrid RV lifestyle!

If you dream of the freedom of full-time RVing, but don’t know how to transition, let us help you! Our book is a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to transitioning to a Hybrid RV lifestyle and will help you make good decisions and avoid pitfalls.

In this book, we cover many topics, such as:

• Selecting the right RV
• Finding RV resorts that sell ‘deeded’ lots
• Choosing the right size RV lot
• Types of RV homes
• Storage
• Insurance
• Residency
• Internet
• Home schooling
• Working from the road

We have traveled across the United States evaluating RV resorts that sell deeded lots, RV homes and Casitas. Our goal is to make your journey smooth and enjoyable. You can find a listing as well as videos and a workbook to help you evaluate your new RV home, directly on our website at

We hope you will find our book helpful, practical, engaging, and fun to read. We welcome you to the Hybrid RV lifestyle!

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Format: 7 x 10 Color Paperback, 129 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (Jul 24, 2021)
ISBN10: 1977241123
ISBN13: 9781977241122
Genre: TRAVEL / General

Author Information...

Mr. Radcliff first started RVing in 1978 with his parents, and has accumulated over 20 years of RVing experience on his own. He and his wife Sharon became full time RVers in 2016 after their children left home. Mr. Radcliff comes from the technology industry and built a successful sales and marketing software company that was sold in 2018. He is now offering consulting services for sales strategy and performance working from the road.
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