Thinking It Through

Thinking It Through

Coaching Students to Be Problem-Solvers

by K. Michael Hibbard, Ph.D. and Patricia Cyganovich, Ed.D. Foreword by Jay McTighe


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Enhancing Creative and Critical Thinking

Thinking It Through guides educators in the integration of creative and critical thinking to empower problem-solving, using the Cycle and System of Problem-Solving.

Teachers, school counselors, club advisors, and coaches in all disciplines in elementary, middle, and high school can use these strategies presented here. Essential problem-solving skills such as communication and collaboration, as well as work habits such as perseverance and adaptability, are addressed.

“The most important competency for 21st-century students is creative problem-solving. This is a pragmatic and detailed guide on how to bring this skill to life.” – Ken Kay, Founding CEO, EdLeader21

“…transformational…. Their focus on problem-solving encouraged teachers to do more profound and meaningful work with students.” – Martin G. Brooks, Executive Director, TriState Consortium

“Chock-full of great examples to think through an approach to scaffolding problem-solving in their classroom.” – Bena Kallick, Co-director, The Institute for Habits of Mind

Thinking It Through provides theory and practice for engaging a class, a school, and a district in the life skill of problem-solving. This is a text recommended for college undergraduate and graduate education programs as well.

“I have never encountered leaders more qualified to share insights regarding student agency in problem-solving.…among the most in-depth and thoughtful examinations of the power of shifting the focus of learning to the student.” – Jonathan P. Costa, Assistant Executive Director, EdAdvance

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Format: 6 x 9 Color Paperback, 319 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (Sep 24, 2021)
ISBN10: 1977237606
ISBN13: 9781977237606
Genre: EDUCATION / Teaching Methods & Materials / General

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K. Michael Hibbard, Ph.D. and Patricia Cyganovich, Ed.D.    Foreword by Jay McTighe
Michael Hibbard earned his Ph.D. from Cornell and was a teacher, principal, and assistant superintendent. He is an author and international consultant.

Patricia Cyganovich completed her Ed.D. at Fordham University. She served as a teacher, assistant principal, and then 30 years as principal before her retirement.
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