Soul Fire

Soul Fire

Legacies of the Dragon, Book 2

by Allyn Ransom


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The price of love.

“Where are you, Donezan?” That’s the first question Zheann asks as the dragon’s laughter fades from her mind. Over the next weeks, other questions will follow: What do the dragons really want? How do you stop a magical being who cannot die? What will happen when the dragons tire of playing with their prey? Unfortunately, as the saying goes, “life is what happens when you’re making other plans.” It’s hard to focus on dragons while trying to find missing friends, to forge an alliance between Med and Rys that will end centuries of hatred, and to stand between those who see her as the solution to their problems and those who see her as the source. But the answers to those questions are their only hope for life and freedom, and that knowledge may cost her everything she holds dear.

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Format: 6 x 9 Black & White Dust-Jacketed Hardback, 412 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (Nov 21, 2020)
ISBN10: 1977233600
ISBN13: 9781977233608
Genre: FICTION / Fantasy / General

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Allyn RansomAllyn Ransom describes herself as a trivial treasure hunter in search of words, ideas, information, and images. Books, her camera, and her Shiba Inu, “Oh My Goodness Gracious!” are constant companions who live with her in two worlds: Erie, Pennsylvania and Zephyrhills, Florida
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