Sherman's March to the Sea

Sherman's March to the Sea

by Heather Denniss


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Sherman’s marching to the sea for the last time.

Tired of waking up alone for three years, 78-year-old Sherman Crumpler has an urge—a yearning to breach boundaries that have seemed impossible to reach. His kids have commandeered his car after he has a fender-bender, and he’s feeling trapped…and useless. So he turns an imaginary march to the sea into a real adventure when, aided by the mysterious Savannah Lovejoy, he steals back his Lincoln and sets off across country. But is Savannah taking him for a ride instead? And will his children stop him from reaching the Pacific?

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Format: 4 x 7 Black & White Paperback, 360 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (Jan 10, 2021)
ISBN10: 197723349X
ISBN13: 9781977233493
Genre: FICTION / General

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Heather Denniss, herself a senior citizen, has been a journalist for more than 25 years and lives in Toledo, Ohio. Sherman’s March to the Sea is her debut novel.
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