Meeting the Christ of Christmas: A Poet's View of the Nativity

Meeting the Christ of Christmas: A Poet's View of the Nativity

by Sherrie Morrison


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For over thirty years, I have been capturing the mystery of Christmas in poems. No matter how many times men come to the celebration of incarnation, the mystery remains. God coming to earth as a baby cannot be explained by science. That mankind experienced such a visitation is beyond all rational comprehension. For many this is explained as a cultural myth. For others, where Jesus was born and how Jesus was born is vehemently denied or summarily ignored. Give us a break! This birth was a bloody mess that took place in unsanitary conditions and resulted in a refugee flight to Egypt just as a power-mad tyrant slaughtered babies out of fear one really was a newborn king. For those of us who have let the mystery stand and have embraced the child named Jesus as the Christ, Christmas is something of a family birthday reunion. It is the season when believers meet Jesus Christ again in celebratory praise and contemplative worship. At Christmas the mystery of incarnation is embraced by faith. I invite you to come with me to Bethlehem again through poetry and meet the Christ of Christmas.

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Format: 5.5 x 8.5 Black & White Paperback, 70 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (Nov 11, 2020)
ISBN10: 1977228852
ISBN13: 9781977228857
Genre: POETRY / Subjects & Themes / Inspirational & Religious

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Sherrie MorrisonThe author of Meeting the Christ of Christmas claims no fame in the publishing world, but she has no memory of life without literature. Sherrie Lynne Crawford Morrison began writing little poems as young as seven. In grade school she gained a limited reputation among her peers as a teller of tales and reciter of poems. Upon graduation from Chadbourn High School in eastern North Carolina, she began her baccalaureate studies in English Language Arts at St. Andrews Presbyterian College, Laurinburg, North Carolina. Ms. Morrison began teaching during the tumultuous years of desegregation. Marriage and the birth of two children within fourteen months brought her teaching career to a halt. During Ms. Morrison’s years as a homemaker, writing poems became a way of journaling life. Occasional poems and celebratory poems for family and friends filled notebooks and stray papers. Somewhere along the way, the tradition began. Each Christmas and Easter a line of poetry would repeat itself in her mind until she sat down and wrote. These devotional meditations on the birth and death of Christ were stored away, seldom if ever shared. When the children were in high school, Ms. Morrison returned to college and renewed her teaching credentials. She returned to the classroom in Kings Mountain Middle School, Kings Mountain, North Carolina. Life changes brought her to South Carolina in the summer of 1990. She taught English, drama, journalism, public speaking, and creative writing in the Lexington District I high schools until her retirement. She represented Lexington District I as Teacher of the Year in 1995-96. Throughout those years the collection of poems grew. She began to share. From retirement until the present, Ms. Morrison, most familiarly known as Ms. Mo, is still teaching. She has held teaching positions in private Christian schools and home school resource centers. Her first volume of poetry comes in response to the urging of friends with whom she began to share what she has written. It is to these friends she owes the courage to join the publishing community.
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