Duppy Conqueror

Duppy Conqueror

by Leonard Archie Wilson


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The title Duppy Conqueror should resonate with most Jamaicans. No, not because of the reggae song by the same name, but because it has been a title conferred upon a very tough person, a force of nature. The story is about a young man born in the mid nineteen sixties, confronted by gangs, the rude boys, and other more frightening foes of a paranormal nature. Williams strength is informed by his religious parents and the Bible; but are they enough to keep him safe and alive in the concrete jungles of Jamaica? The story draws upon the real-life experiences of family and friends. This is a work of fiction; however, the impact of the Holy Spirit is no fiction.

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Format: 6 x 9 Black & White Paperback, 63 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (Jul 02, 2020)
ISBN10: 1977227929
ISBN13: 9781977227928
Genre: FICTION / Christian / Suspense

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Leonard Archie WilsonLeonard Archie Wilson was born in Kingston Jamaica in 1951, the youngest of four siblings born in Jamaica to his parents Leonard Nathaniel and Althea Ulrica. The family home, on Jaques Rd. in Kingston, was destroyed during the deadly Hurricane Charlie, that visited the island in the Fall of 1951. The family relocated to England the following year, 1952. In the British school system Leonard stood out in English composition in all the schools and all the grades, such was his love for storytelling. In the spring of 1967, the family, now comprising eight siblings, relocated to Jamaica: where the teenager apprenticed as a jeweler on the famed King St. in Kingston. After a four-year apprenticeship, Leonard attended West Indies College to round out his high school education. He sat the General Certificate of Education exam from Cambridge University and of all his passes he treasured mostly his distinction in English. Leonard spent much of the time regaling his siblings with stories, made up and otherwise. The streets of Kingston were a feast to his eyes and ears; the sixties being a very turbulent time in Jamaica. In his retirement decades later, after suffering serious illnesses, he settled in central Florida where he writes. This is the fourth book Leonard has penned during the three years of his retirement.
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