Abby's Secret

Abby's Secret

The Story of a Young Girl’s Courage and Determination During the American Revolution

by Jack Darrell Crowder


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Abby must put her courage to the test.

In 1766 at the age of five Abby is sent away to live with various people. After a few years she finds a home as a servant girl with the Thomas family. Being a young female among ten boys quickly proves to be a physical and mental challenge for Abby. However, she refuses to let others define who she will be, as she fights to overcome prejudice and gain equality. In 1775, she is caught up in the American Revolution and finds that her courage, faith, and character will be tested to the limit. When the war reaches her doorstep, she learns firsthand the sadness of losing loved ones and the horrors of war. As the Revolution draws to a close, Abby makes a decision, and if her secret is discovered she will face disgrace and possibly jail.

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Format: 8.5 x 11 Black & White Paperback, 137 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (Jun 25, 2020)
ISBN10: 1977227120
ISBN13: 9781977227126
Genre: FICTION / Historical

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Jack Darrell CrowderJack Darrell Crowder is a retired teacher and administrator with 40 plus years in the classroom. He has a B.A. and Masters from Texas Christian University. Mr. Crowder gives lectures on the Revolutionary War at the university, schools, historical societies, and D.A.R. Chapters. He has the following books published: Underage Warriors, Chaplains of the Revolutionary War, African Americans and American Indians in the Revolutionary War, Women Patriots in the American Revolution, Strange, Amazing, and Funny Events that Happen during the Revolutionary War, and The First 24 Hours of the American Revolution.
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