What If?

What If?

by Donna Hammond


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For many years Deedra Lee has had visions of faces and locations that she doesn’t recognize. In life’s little moments She begins to hear others’ thoughts and having more déjà vu moments. Her dreams begin to be a kaleidoscopic landscape that can only be found in the northwest. Deedra leaves the security of her family to find herself enrolling in the University of Washington. She hopes to follow a vision of the carvings that she has seen on the door of the library on the campus brochure. She is looking for explanations to her dreams and the voices in her head. She feels as though she is losing her mind. A small band of immortals is working and living in Seattle. She gets their attention and also the cartel. Blaine Bluestar just happens to run across Deedra on campus. He is immediately enthralled by her. Without Deedra knowledge she is being watched by these immortals for her own safety. The renegades also have her on their radar. Blaine knows that her energy is the strongest he has ever encountered in an immortal so young. She cannot be found by the cartel controlled by the renegades or the cartel. Her energy isn’t blocked, sending it out like a beacon. That will most certainly attract the wrong attention. Blaine is lustfully infatuated with Deedra at first sight.

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Format: 6 x 9 Black & White Paperback, 293 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (Sep 27, 2020)
ISBN10: 1977226221
ISBN13: 9781977226228
Genre: FICTION / Romance / Fantasy

Author Information...

I was born and raised in Longview Washingon. Graduated RA Long High School 1976. Worked through highschool at JC Penneys, worked in Local paper mill Longview Fibre for 23 years. IN 2000 I Turned to Real Estate with Windermere  Longview/Kelso or 20 years. Retired in December 2019. 
To make my first check off on my bucket list I wanted to finish the book I started in 2008. When life threw my husband I a curveball. Depressed I invented a world that was a distraction from my life.  Married for 22years although I have been with my husband for 32 years. I have 4 adult children, 8 grandchildren.
I have done many volunteer things in the local community.  Worked with local agencies to raise money for the underprivileged. 
Belonged to a wine club that taught to make wine and took a class in the Wines of the world... that taught me to enjoy the complex flavors. Wine tasting and cooking a gourmet meal to compliment the wine is a favorite paste time.
A perfect day is a quiet place, a lovely glass of wine, and a good book. 
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