Poems For Lovers

Poems For Lovers

by Richard M. Georges


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Poetic Expressions of Love’s Universal Experience

Love in its many facets defines humankind. It is our shared desire and joy, and sometimes our shared frustration and sorrow. This collection illuminates love’s progression, from infatuation to romance, commitment, illness, death, and rebirth. We love, we experience loss, we learn to love again. With a voice and technique rooted equally in tradition and exploration, these pieces are a poet’s gift to the reader—a gift that can be opened many times to reveal new wonders.

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Format: 6 x 9 Black & White Paperback, 90 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (Jan 09, 2020)
ISBN10: 1977222404
ISBN13: 9781977222404
Genre: POETRY / General

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Richard M. GeorgesRichard M. “Rick” Georges is a solo law practitioner, practicing in St. Petersburg, Florida. He is active in the St. Petersburg and Florida Bars, and presents seminars and programs on the use of computers and technology in the practice of law. He has authored the “FutureLawyer” column in various publications, has taught law office management and computer-assisted legal research at the college and law school level, and has taught poetry at the college level. His “FutureLawyer” blog is widely read, and he is a recognized expert in the application of computers and technology to law practice. He previously published Life Is Simple, Really—Poems About Life, Loving, Fun, and Family, which reflected his belief that those things are more important to happiness than anything we do in our professional lives. His poetry owes a debt of gratitude to his college professor and guide, Miller Williams, who helped him find his poetic voice at Loyola University of the South. This collection focuses on love, at every level, and is published upon his marriage to Diane Bernadette Twar, to whom the book is dedicated, with love and affection. About the Illustrator Hailing from one of the oldest family lines of West Virginia and presently living in Maryland, Heather Joi has exhibited and performed for over 15 years. Nestled amidst such a vast array of fine art, she has also made forays into set design, experimental film, dance, performance, and music. Every visit to the world of Heather Joi is an adventure within the viewers own subconscious. Will it be terrifying, or exhilarating? We invite you to explore further and join in the journey. www.rorrimsegami.com
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