Love Flies

Love Flies

A collection of deeply personal poems

by D. Abraham Brown


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Have you ever been in love?

Within these pages lie a passionate outburst of creativity, the expressions of deep love of one person for another in the form of poetry. The images, words and phrases are the author’s efforts to paint a loving portrait, to colorfully communicate feelings inspired by knowing and revering another. The poetry form is unique among writing styles in its ability to formulate and describe life’s experiences at the heart level. It can be said that the purpose of poetry is to inspire, to call out to the human spirit for validation and acknowledgment of that which lives in all of us: the experience of love. You are invited to enter and explore one person’s journey through the wilderness of love, and perhaps encounter sights, sounds, smells and places that may be familiar to you, that may remind you of adventures of your own. You are invited to live in and savor the moment…and perhaps be inspired.

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Format: 8.5 x 11 Color Casebound, 59 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (Feb 14, 2020)
ISBN10: 1977219241
ISBN13: 9781977219244
Genre: POETRY / General

Author Information...

D. Abraham Brown was born in Ohio and currently resides in the Seattle area. He has recently retired from a lifetime career in public transportation and is now devoting his full attention to his lifelong passions of writing, music and movies. He writes film reviews and essays and is in the process of completing a book about movies and their influence in our culture. This book of poems is his first published work.
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