Colors of Love

Colors of Love

by Adeola Oyekola


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Powerful Women Take On Life and Love

They are the best of friends—beautiful, creative, and sweet, living in and sustained by faith. But life throws them challenges that will cause them to question everything they know about themselves and God. Yeni fell short of her Christian values during a relationship that brought heartbreak, and she wonders if she can ever love again. Carey decided to go through with her marriage despite warnings both from her dreams and from her fiancé’s ex . . . but she is not ready for the secrets that come to light after her wedding. Faced with stunning, cunning, luring men . . . what will they do? Poignant, inspiring, and compulsively readable, Colors of Love will leave you wanting more!

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Format: 5 x 8 Color Paperback, 194 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (Jan 09, 2020)
ISBN10: 197721889X
ISBN13: 9781977218896
Genre: FICTION / Christian / Romance

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Adeola OyekolaAdeola Oyekola is a child care provider in Washington, DC. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English and a master’s degree in Early Childhood Education. She is a novelist and playwright, whose first collection of plays, The Waiting Room, was published in 2018. Adeola is a Christian who believes in propagating the gospel as commanded by the Lord Jesus Christ. She and her husband Tunde are blessed with three wonderful children: Tola, Damola, and Wole.
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