The Sensitive Heart Vision - Revelation One

The Sensitive Heart Vision - Revelation One

An Underground To Surface Exposure

by Hannah Hope


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Product description...

Can there be war without weapons?

America’s Teachers
are in a

this is not a drill.

The Sensitive Heart Vision- Revelation One is an underground-to-surface
exposure, disclosing a journey one could call The Path Forward…
a Path of Purpose.

Once again, Hannah Hope paints a captivating picture, a Sensitive Heart
picture that moves beyond teaching to explore everyday life, demystify
the world of education, challenge demeaning stereotypes, and question
the smokescreen status quo.

Vision reveals impactful snapshots of the spiritual guidance that, artfully
glued together onto a revelational backing, make a riveting and powerful
With honesty, humor, compelling style, and fluid creativity, The Sensitive
Heart Vision
is a bright light in the dark setting of America’s underfunded
and often ignored public schools.

This inspired work features a new voice and takes the reader on a thought-
provoking & entertaining journey.

Product details...

Format: 8.5 x 11 Black & White Paperback, 402 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (Jul 09, 2019)
ISBN10: 1977214487
ISBN13: 9781977214485
Genre: PHILOSOPHY / Free Will & Determinism

Author Information...

Hannah Hope is a classroom teacher who has taught in inner-city public
schools for 20-plus years.

In 1990, Hannah was compelled to begin documenting her teaching
experiences in a daily journal for an outlet and record of ongoing reality

The Sensitive Heart Vision- Revelation One is the culmination of over
twenty years of journal-keeping. It’s a follow-up to Teachers Have 9 Lives,
the eye-opening book on the pressing realities about America’s Teachers
and their far-reaching impact on American society.
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