Hush ... The Fool Has Become

Hush ... The Fool Has Become

by Pharris Pembrook


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Wouldn’t life be simple if we could know with certainty that love could truly stand the test of time and that wedding vows would trump all else? In this novel Pembrook paints a foreboding picture to answer what happens, when the very thing we think will fulfill us threatens to destroy us. The familiarity of society’s imposed pressures on women to achieve social markers of success culminate in Hush...The Fool Has Become, as we follow Kyra Batiste’s faltering love life. Kyra Batiste wants nothing more than to find her Boaz, and may have blindly stepped into love having been overcome by the infatuation of securing her happily-ever after. As we turn the pages on Kyra’s life, we see a woman chronicle her hardships in love and relationships. In this woman’s story, we see self-preservation take the driver’s seat in a marriage gone wrong. Kyra displays a relatable rollercoaster of emotions that occur in love and love lost. She struggles with balancing her career while her personal life seemingly crumbles. She battles resentment as she finds herself drowning in secrecy and deception. The pressures of judgement and maintaining appearances hold her captive as she finds unexpected alliances and confidantes pulling her ashore. Kyra pushes through grief, rage, and disappointment. She shows us the dark side of vengeance while laying the framework for an intriguing read. How will she fair when faced with discovering the range of the human heart and determining whether love can occupy the vacancy that a broken marriage threatens to create in her heart?

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Format: 6 x 9 Black & White Dust-Jacketed Hardback, 421 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (Jul 31, 2020)
ISBN10: 1977214231
ISBN13: 9781977214232
Genre: FICTION / General

Author Information...

The author is writing under the nom de plume Pharris Pembrook.The word Pharris signifies having the power to execute self-expression.The name Pembrook represents the author’s Grandmother’s maiden name to extend her legacy filled with life lessons.She enjoys creative writing which allows her the ability to express to her audience current topics.Pharris enjoys writing captivating stories seemingly non-fictional and relatable to current events in society. Pharris is a native of Pineville, Louisiana, however, she resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her family. Pineville will always be home within her soul. In Pharris’ spare time she enjoys cooking Cajun specialties for her friends during small social gatherings. She enjoys traveling the world to warm, cozy destinations for rest and rejuvenation. Pharris is a God-fearing woman who enjoys daily meditation and giving God praise. Pharris believes there is nothing better than spending time with the most High, thanking Him for His daily blessing bestowed while He directs her next endeavor. She is an active member within her church and community striving to make a difference in society one day at a time. Pharris has a particular interest within the Renal community due to her profession within the Atlanta area.She is currently working on her next project called, “A Pill for Life” designed to facilitate renal patients on Dialysis to sustain their lives.
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