Love Your Child More Than You Hate Your Ex

Love Your Child More Than You Hate Your Ex

What Every Divorced Parent Needs to Know

by Dr. Larry Waldman


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Children are the silent victims of the incredible US divorce rate that hovers at about 50%. Divorced parents must strive to put aside their hurt and anger and first address the emotional needs of their kids.

In this book the following topics are addressed: Why I wrote the book; How do we form our relationships; Why marriages fail; Why second marriages fail at a higher rate; How to foster a healthy union; What divorce looks like to the kid; A healthy divorce; Parenting through divorce; and Finding the right counselor.

“A magnum opus is not made in a microwave; it is incubated and nurtured. This book is a synergy between Dr. Waldman’s many other works. The heart and soul of this effort is to protect our most valuable natural resource (our children) from more needless damage. Thank you, Larry for the privilege of reading your manuscript.”
—Dr. Karl Riem, Psychologist (Retired)

“Dr. Waldman’s book on divorce is a guide on what to do and not to do when contemplating a divorce. Reading this book and following his guidance, could prevent parents from making mistakes that will impact their children’s lives and future relationships in a negative manner. It will also assist parents in answering their children’s questions and concerns, before and during a divorce in a constructive manner. I wish I had this information when I was on my divorce journey, it would have prevented a number of mistakes on my part.”
—Cary Silverstein, MBA Professor Emeritus, DeVry University / Keller Graduate School of Business

“Dr. Waldman’s published articles fit very well within his exhortation that we consider our children and their well-being over our own selfish interests in situations of marital difficulty or divorce. Anyone who has worked as a child mental health provider has witnessed some of the scenarios he outlines in this book for us. I enjoyed the reading, and found the pace quick, and the material provocative.”
—Stephen D Bailey, Ed.D., Licensed Psychologist HSPP, Child/Geriatric Neuropsychologist

“This book is great and covers so many important issues. Every couple contemplating or in the middle of a divorce should carefully read each chapter for insight into avoiding mistakes and putting the children FIRST.”
—Linda Feldman, Director of Family Education Bureau of Jewish Education of Greater Phoenix

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Format: 6 x 9 Black & White Paperback, 102 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (Mar 15, 2020)
ISBN10: 1977211739
ISBN13: 9781977211736
Genre: FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Divorce & Separation

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