Left Brain Poetry

Left Brain Poetry

Musings of an I.T. Tech

by Earl R. Kious


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Left-Brain Exploration of Right-Brain Inspiration

Poetry has always been a special form of self-expression: deep, intimate, experimental. But what happens when a poet comes to this most personal art form with a scientific background? The result, Left-Brain Poetry, will surprise and delight you. Poet Earl Kious, an IT specialist with a Biology degree, applies structure and reason (left-brain activity) to imagination, emotions, and ideas (right-brain activity) to achieve an eclectic body of work. Thematically diverse, delving into words and meanings, thought-provoking yet accessible, Kious’ work is unpredictable and compelling. His scientific leanings have led him to experiment with expression within an array of strict forms (including sonnet, terza rima, villanelle, sestina, and haiku) as well as free verse. From the consonant chime of a perfect rhyme to the frisson of an unexpected idea, Left-Brain Poetry will intrigue and delight.

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Format: 6 x 9 Black & White Paperback, 137 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (Apr 10, 2019)
ISBN10: 1977207820
ISBN13: 9781977207821
Genre: POETRY / General

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Earl Kious is a retired database administrator/part-time webmaster with a long-time interest in language, grammar, and poetry. Influenced by Sara Teasdale, Dorothy Parker, and Alfred Tennyson, he has written more than 800 poems in a variety of poetic forms. Fascinated with the sounds, meanings, and origins of words, his work explores a broad range of topics in unexpected ways. Originally from California, Kious now lives in New Mexico, where he leads a weekly poetry critique group.
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