Haven of Hope

Haven of Hope

A Novel

by Teresa Tuten


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It will take faith and hope to save Abby’s future.

When Jewel’s husband walked out and left her to raise a daughter alone, it hurt in more ways than one. She’d tried to be the best mom she could, but Abby had a void nothing seemed to fill. After Abby gets in trouble numerous times, Jewel is forced to make a decision to try and save Abby from ruining her life. Hoping Bea can get Abby on the right track, Jewel sends her to spend some time with her grandma in Texas. However, ranch life is not Abby’s cup of tea, and she learns a few things the hard way from the beginning. Niles works as a horse whisperer and depends on Bea to take care of things the way his wife, Mary, used to. But it will take unwavering faith and hope to let go of the past and overcome obstacles regarding life and new Thoroughbreds. After a local veterinarian’s license is revoked, she searches for a way to practice with equine again, and during the process, a friend from the past knocks on her door needing a place to stay. But some things are too painful for Maggie to face head-on. A handsome young man with a love for music comes to the ranch to help out with the horses, and when he meets one girl, he wonders if she may be the one. But problems soon arise he hadn’t anticipated.

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Format: 5.5 x 8.5 Black & White Paperback, 418 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (Jun 10, 2019)
ISBN10: 1977207626
ISBN13: 9781977207623
Genre: FICTION / Christian / General

Author Information...

Teresa TutenTeresa Tuten lives in SC with her husband and children. She has been writing for twelve years and has a degree in creative writing, fitness and nutrition, and cosmetology and barbering. She has published four other books, and enjoys writing fiction and Christian fiction novels. She enjoys spending time with her family and time at the beach. And she would like to write another mystery/suspense book in the future.
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