Pioneers with Eminence

Pioneers with Eminence

35 Stories with Impact

by Stephen L. Wood


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35 stories, of people, events, recipes, and foods from early man in the west to the space age that changed our country or helped in the making of it. Every story has information about a person, place or event with a surprise ending that will make you say, “I didn’t know that”, or ‘WOW! How did they survive?” Many did not but are not forgotten. History cannot be changed only told with the hope we, as a people, will learn and appreciate what others have given us or started and try to retain, yet improve on these values. These stories are taken from many sources. While all are believed to be based on facts, several cannot be verified by the author for their authenticity.

The making of America “The Fighting Meekers-of Northfield, New Jersey enlisted in the American Army at the age of 70 and fought in the American Revolution in the same company as his 9 sons-2 sons-in-laws and 1 grandson”. Pioneer Women’s Journey West, while walking most all children and women, would pick up dried buffalo chips, as that was the fuel for their night and morning fires. When stopped for the night the wagons would form a circle or large “V” shape, thus protecting the animals and people, and it made it easy for the look outs to watch for intruders, Indians, road agents, buffalo, coyotes, bears, and such. Indians were always trying to stampede or steal their livestock. Most all wagons used tents set up on the sides of their wagons for shelter and sleeping, some attached others freestanding, unlike portrayed in most all movies, as most all immigrants had their wagons packed with the necessities, needed for settling in their new homes in the frontier. So, who really settled the west? It took both hardy men and women to do so, but in my humble opinion the women had it the hardest and endured their load willingly. 76 years of events in my grandfather’s life “September 13, 1916– Mary, a circus elephant is hung in the town of Erwin, Tennessee for killing her handler, Walter “Red” Eldridge.” How the hell do you hang an elephant???? Cattle Drives “Charles Goodnight is credited for inventing and using the first chuck wagon. His cooks name Bose Ikard is credited for the son-of-a-gun-stew. There are many recipes for this stew as it became rather famous not only to the hundreds of chuck wagon cooks on the various cattle trails but also the wagon trains used it several times a month in their crossing the vast plains Diaries of the wagon trains west “Elizabeth K. Bedwell, 1852 Diary of the Oregon Trail (As written) May 29th traveled 20 miles 8 miles from the river Elk Horn brought us to the raging Platte ( you must not water there but keep on until you come to the first byo where you must gather wood for the night and morning and it would be well to haul water too ) 12 miles farther we camped in sight of Platte river on a byo plenty of grass and water south of the road”

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Format: 6 x 9 Black & White Paperback, 379 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (May 09, 2019)
ISBN10: 1977206638
ISBN13: 9781977206633
Genre: HISTORY / Modern / 18th Century

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Stephen L. Wood About the author Born on a dirt farm in the sand hills of eastern Colorado in 1942 his father, a share-cropper, Steve grew up knowing what hard work was. After his three boys were on their own, Steve and wife Jan bought land in a very remote mountain area in the high Colorado Rockies where they built their small ranch, all off grid, and have resided for over forty-eight years. A student of western history, Steve has written several books you may find interesting. BUILDING OUR DREAM IN REMOTE COLORADO—THE BLIZZARD OF 77—47 YEARS LIVING OFF GRID—WHITE ARROW (his first western fiction)
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