Abaddon's Rise from the Underworld

by Mark Barresi


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FORBIDDEN PASSAGEWAYS A Graphic Novel by Mark Barresi Based On True Events In the remote western town of Williamstown, Massachusetts, Lays the abandoned Hampton State Psychiatric Hospital… That was in operation from (1885 to 1993). During the year of (1894), several patients began to die mysteriously of unnatural deaths that were linked to an undercover investigation that tied nurse, Jane Kelley of being responsible and police named her… America’s first female Serial Killer, that resulted in Jane Kelley admitting to have killed four known patients. Years after her death, many hikers and travelers have gone missing without a trace in the Taconic Mountains. As Hampton State Psychiatric Hospital remains, are nestled within the famous hiking trails in the valley of the Taconic Mountains. Investigative reporters Donna Romano and her close friend and coworker, Jennifer Velez. Begin investigating the numerous cases of the missing people, but soon find a connection to the mysterious murders that happened years before by the hands of Jane Kelley. Who before her death in prison in (1938), admitted in an interview with a local reporter. She is quoted as saying that her ambition was; “To have killed more people — helpless people — than any other man or woman who ever lived…” As more hikers go missing, and a few young women within the town of Williamstown, are discovered murdered and gruesomely mutilated. Donna Romano herself ends up dead in very mysterious circumstances, as her husband Shane Romano. A current State Bureau Investigator with the State of New York… Doesn’t accept his wife’s murder was at the hands of a lone killer, while she was deeply investigating her current story regarding the murders. Shane will soon realize there are connections to the past murders committed by Jane Kelley, and passageways under the abandoned hospital that will lead him into the world of clairvoyants and science. That will lead him to work very closely with Jennifer Velez, to uncover a plot so Evil. None of his superiors and coworkers will believe him, as Shane Romano will uncover a passageway of the human mind and inhabitance of Hell itself…That will kill any human without remorse, to once again claim it’s presence to exist in the living. “The Battle For Hell, Will Be Fought On Earth…”

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Format: 6 x 9 Black & White Paperback, 276 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (Sep 14, 2018)
ISBN10: 1977203000
ISBN13: 9781977203007
Genre: FICTION / Horror

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Mark BarresiMark Barresi spent three years in the army infantry, training at Fort Benning and then Fort Campbell, where he expanded his military knowledge and skills while going to college and taking creative writing courses. He has followed the paths of his favorite established authors, James Byron Huggins and Clive Cussler, and has authored seven books and established himself as one of the great new talents of the action and horror genre. In his spare time, apart from writing, he is a strong supporter of conservative issues affecting the policies and the country’s direction, following the same paths and beliefs as iconic actors John Wayne and Charlton Heston. He is a lifelong member and outspoken supporter of the NRA (National Rifle Association) and gun rights for private citizens. As he is a very strong supporter of President Donald Trump and the Republican Party… As his book, The Encounter Over Alaska will be made into a major movie… As its based on the true UFO case of Japanese Jetliner JAL1628, that encountered three massive UFOs while flying over Alaska, in November, (1986). As he made a guest appearance on the History Channels hit show Pawn Stars in (2014). He enjoys traveling, collecting antiques, and being an animal rights activist, caring for abused and neglected animals. He plans to write his next novel in the near future. He currently lives in New York City… Other Novels by Mark Barresi The Dark Mist of Autumn Evil’s Redemption A Winter of Evil Daughter of Affliction The Encounter Over Alaska The Reckoning of Jack The Ripper
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