The Doctor's Prescription for What's Ailing America

The Doctor's Prescription for What's Ailing America

by Vance Alm, MD


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The American Medical System is Broken! Here’s how to fix it.

Complacency is Killing Healthcare! We have watched as costs have risen, access has decreased, and quality has deteriorated. We’ve allowed these things to occur without discussing alternatives. Dr. Alm has spent over twenty years in medicine and believes that it is time to make dramatic changes to medical care provided in the United States. First, he discusses why a change is needed; including a broad discussion of key indicators of health and the staggering costs to the US taxpayer. He presents his plan for how the medical system in the United States could be improved. He presents how care could be provided by the federal government. Providing care through federal facilities by federal employees would provide better care, more effectively and more efficiently. The presentation points out differences in his plan and the current healthcare system; included is discussion of who would be affected if this plan were implemented, both those positively and negatively affected. A primary idea runs throughout the book: there are more problems to the current healthcare system than just who will pay for healthcare. Dr. Alm is concerned about these other problems and addresses physician training, research, need for rural healthcare facilities and the extremely important lack of mental healthcare in this country. This book is not just an effort to point out the problems in the system but also a possible solution to the issues facing healthcare in America. He finishes with some things that the reader can do to improve their own healthcare.

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Format: 6 x 9 Black & White Paperback, 71 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (Oct 11, 2018)
ISBN10: 1977200699
ISBN13: 9781977200693
Genre: MEDICAL / Health Policy

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Vance Alm, MDDr. Alm is a primary care physician in Reno, Nevada, treating patients of all ages. He is also an associate faculty member for UNR School of Medicine. His first career was a USAF Aircrew member. He has experience with military, private practice, VA and Indian Health medicine.
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