By Pluck and By Faith

By Pluck and By Faith

The Odyssey of an Irish-American Family

by Lansing Bergeron


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John James Brett and Mary Walsh found the prospect of beginning their married lives together in 1880’s Ireland daunting. A future of almost certain poverty, or at the very least, extreme difficulty and depravation, would be facing them, and the potential for improvement of social and political conditions seemed remote. To raise children under existing circumstances would be fraught with challenge and danger. While not as high as during The Great Famine, or the lesser famine of 1879 and 1880, infant and child mortality rates were still extremely high, with severe food shortages, poor sanitation and hygiene, and of course poverty, being the primary contributing factors. And, should they be blessed and fortunate enough to be able to successfully raise their children to adulthood, the prospects for their future to be bright and prosperous would be negligible. Rather than accept the inherited circumstances, John embraced the concept of emigrating to the “promised land” of America. While cautious and reluctant at first, Mary soon captured the vision and became a strong supporter and advocate, regardless of the danger and profound uncertainty involved.

‘By Pluck and by Faith’ is the saga of John and Mary Brett, their children, and the generations that proceeded. As the seven children grow and mature, we trace their lives, and ultimately the lives of their children’s children. These chronicles examine three generations of tragedies and triumphs, occasions of resounding success and of abject failure; hedonistic excess, sinfulness and even lawlessness, in juxtaposition to piety, discipline, virtue and prudence. The book will also hypothesize, projecting the impact that the nebulous and ill-defined concept of “fate” will have had on each of their lives.

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Format: 6 x 9 Black & White Dust-Jacketed Hardback, 395 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (Jun 29, 2018)
ISBN10: 1977200222
ISBN13: 9781977200228
Genre: FICTION / Biographical

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Lansing Bergeron has aptly been called an authentic Renaissance Man, having been involved in retail apparel, retail sporting goods, highly technical aspects of the manufacture of precision optics and a long and highly successful career as an optical industry sales and marketing executive, leading a team of specialized representatives carrying iconic brands of fashion eyewear and ‘state of the art’ sunglasses such as Ray Ban and Oakley, and well known licensed designer products of Giorgio Armani, Valentino, Versace, Hugo Boss and many others. An entrepreneurial spirit and multi disciplined background lead to real estate investing and real estate management, construction, public speaking, mentoring, consulting, sales training; and on a leisure time basis, sports car enthusiast, auto racing participant, antique automobile restoration, viticulture and vineyard creation; and now, with the completion of his second book, author. A history of extensive world travel and a keen interest in American history, and in genealogy, combine to present a unique perspective when creating the saga of the three generations of the Brett family. Lansing Bergeron lives in North Carolina with his wife, Patricia.
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