The Comprehensive Guide for PMP® Certification

The Comprehensive Guide for PMP® Certification

PMP Preparation Made Easy

by Kal Jayaswal, PMP and Archana Jayaswal, PMP, CSM


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Product description...

• Relevant, concise and complete • Your one-stop guide to help you pass the PMP exam in your FIRST attempt

Why you need this PMP guide:

• Coverage of the 100% of the exam content.
• Lots of figures and tables for faster preparation.
• ITTO-made-easy with diagrams and built-in text
• Simple explanations for difficult concepts
• Synopsis and formulas section … for reference before the PMP exam
• Easy-to-follow layout
• 400+ sample questions with detailed explanations.
• Full-length practice exam.
• Tips for practical project management at your workplace.
• How-to for Microsoft Project (MPP) application.

This book is a must-have for those preparing for PMP certification. It is different than existing books because we believe that PMP preparation can be quick and efficient. We have read the existing books and taken the PMP exam and we have found that most books contain unnecessary content.

• Reduce your preparation time: There are several books in the market that have pages of painful and irrelevant text that would just be a waste of your time. This book has text that is concise and relevant for the exam.
• Figures and tables: There are 200+ figures and tables in the book. When text is needed to explain the figure, the text is embedded into the figure, rather than forcing you to read long paragraphs and pages of commentary to find relevant material.
• Personalized, conversational style: When possible, we use conversational style to make for easier reading.
• Active learning: We believe that learning is best when the reader is involved (instead of doing a show and tell). Wherever applicable (e.g. for schedule, cost, quality, risk, procurement), there are workbook-style exercises.
• Examples: You will find lots of examples followed by its underlying concept or generalized step-by-step procedure. This sequence makes it easier to understand concepts.


I have studied various PMP guides and tutorials in the market. But this book is different, stands outs and would be the best companion guide to the PMBOK. Difficult concepts are presented in a style that is easy to follow. The content is concise and supported by illustrative figures and tables. This will save you from wasting your time on irrelevant or copious content. In my opinion, this is the ONLY book you will need to pass the PMP exam.

Other printed books and online sites have questions that are easier than the PMP exam and some wrong and answers and explanations. The 400+ questions are at the same level of rigor as you will find in the PMP exam.

I wish I had this guide when I prepared for the PMP exam.
- Andrew Anderson, PMP, Los Angeles, CA

Product details...

Format: 8.5 x 11 Color Paperback, 477 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (Jun 30, 2019)
ISBN10: 1478799498
ISBN13: 9781478799498
Genre: BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Education

Author Information...

Kal Jayaswal, PMP and Archana Jayaswal, PMP, CSM

Kailash (Kal) Jayaswal, PMP, is a project manager, international speaker and trainer. He has managed 100+ projects over the last 30 years of his corporate career and with a combined budget of over a billion US dollars.

He has spent most of last 20 years researching, teaching, consulting and presenting about project management techniques.

He is author of a renowned book on data centers and cloud computing, sold in several countries.

He has managed several large-scale global projects for organizations such as Cisco, Caterpillar, IBM, Pacific Gas & Electricity, Roche, Symantec, University of California and Yahoo.

Archana Jayaswal, PMP and CSM, is an expert writer, coach, project manager, entrepreneur, architect, business analyst and an authority on software development and project management. She has 25+ years of experience in managing large-scale, global programs for organizations such as IBM and Caterpillar.

She has been the founder of IT services firm and two telecom network service organizations, where she managed 200+ projects on fiber optic cable deployments. Over the last 20 years, she has managed large-scale application development and deployment project and worked with an international team of amazing architects, programmers and project managers.

* * * * * * *

Kal and Archana now live in San Ramon, California with their three sons. They spend their free time in the Yosemite wilderness, Sierra Nevada or travelling the globe.

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