by Spencer Terry


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What has happened to reality?

It seems an illusion and for Navy Seal Commander Jordan Wade the question resonates in the face of change taking place from the cataclysm most call The Storm. The mission outlined by the Special Projects Unit of NATO Allied Forces was to eliminate Doctor Michael Ian, head of IanTech, and contracted inventor of the machine that creates a portal allowing for travel back in time. The unauthorized use of the machine generates the cosmic storm, killing millions on Earth, and others throughout the solar system. Jordan is successful in his mission to stop Ian and his efforts, but it comes at a personal cost which thrusts him 30 years into the future having not aged, granting him superhuman ability, and seeming immortality.

Now Jordan must adjust to living a life in a future forced upon him after the events of The Storm; a world now with a populace of people called Tells who exhibit near psychic abilities while compelled to give voice to some of the thoughts they perceive along with the precognitive waves of insight that occasionally cross their minds; a world now on the cusp of perfecting artificial intelligence and the proliferation of android workers; a world now without his beloved, long passed, wife who died giving birth to their now estranged adult son; but it is also a world which wondrously provides him an unexpected new love.

Many years of service on his new commission with the US Naval Space Corp, and as an epochal agent of SPU, provide a kind of stability to a career soldier like Jordan, but after nearly a century, questions from the event still haunt him, periodically interfering in his endeavor to remain having at least a semblance of a normal life; questions about the true nature of the experiment that birthed the cosmic storm which compel Jordan to explore what he really encountered during the operation to end it.

Decades of probing, and experimentation by SPU, find no definitive cause for Jordan’s new abilities, as his long life edges him closer toward a mental, and spiritual crisis, in the re-examination of his efforts back on that fateful mission. Jordan’s discipline threatens to crumble, as new visions of the mad engineer responsible for “The Storm” bring with them sinister forces working against Jordan, but a profound encounter has him questioning everything he thought he ever knew, and a growing conviction driving him toward some unexplained purpose; a compelling dynamic to existence discovered in the wake of a tempestuously changed world… a verse previously unexplored and unsung.

Product details...

Format: 6 x 9 Black & White Paperback, 309 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (Nov 08, 2018)
ISBN10: 1478799439
ISBN13: 9781478799436
Genre: FICTION / Science Fiction / General

Author Information...

Spencer Terry is a former school teacher who writes freelance. He is a military brat, the first born son of professional listeners; his father a retired U.S. Navy chaplain, and his mother a licensed professional counselor for a county public school system.

As a young boy, Terry’s grandmother had a wanton fondness for racing him and his younger brother up highway 87, from her rural farm 25 miles distant, to the Elizabethtown public library in North Carolina. The harrowing trip notwithstanding, the destination held a reward. For Terry it was being allowed to read the books not exclusively stocked in the children’s section where he discovered his love for fantasy and science fiction, especially the works of CS Lewis, Robert A. Heinlein, and JRR Tolkien.

Due to his father’s military service, Terry’s childhood was enriched by world travel into his young adult years including long stays in Asia where he graduated high school in Okinawa Japan, and later attended his first years of college in Munich Germany. His father being stationed around the world also allowed for visits to many other countries that helped grow Terry’s appreciation for different cultures. Terry later was afforded the opportunity to meet political figures, dignitaries, and VIPs on his job with a non-profit organization in Washington DC.Terry even managed to get a photograph (before selfies were a thing) with the President of the United States, who at the time was not at all shy about literally leaning on Terry’s shoulder for support after calling him a “big guy”. The subsequent picture of him with his cheesy smile while shaking the president’s hand; prominently placed in his mother’s living room; will attest to Terry being ok with the label. Through this job Terry was also able to gain insight for wider issues that confront the US and the world at large through the discussion and debate for common ground solutions as was the non-profit’s mission. He later took an appreciable amount of that experience into a subsequent job teaching middle school and high school students.

Terry now resides in Maryland where he aggressively strives to pull from his past global experience to help bring new stories to life.
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