Dropping My Lines

Dropping My Lines

by Dan O'Neil


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Drawn from over 45 years of commercial and charter fishing experience, this hilarious collection of short stories is sure to entertain.

Dan O’Neil of Secret Cove Charters recounts his favorite saltwater sportfishing guide and commercial fishing adventures in Dropping My Lines. Meet a wide-ranging cast of characters and experience the thrill of catching, fighting, losing, anticipating a bite, or just enjoying a carefree day on the water—all brought to life by Dan’s unique sense of humor and a lifetime of fishing exploits under his belt!

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Format: 6 x 9 Color Paperback, 248 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (Sep 10, 2018)
ISBN10: 1478798726
ISBN13: 9781478798729
Genre: SPORTS & RECREATION / Fishing

Author Information...

Dan O’Neil was born in Everett, Washington, and raised in Petersburg, Alaska. After graduating from high school, he attended Mount Hood Community College. In 1987, Dan got his sportfishing guide license and started a successful charter fishing business, Secret Cove Charters. He and his lovely wife Cheryl of 35 years have two amazing children—Scott (The Destroyer) and Julie (The Informer)—and three grandchildren: Gavin, Grady, and Olivia Dawn.
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