Let Us Pursue Adventure

Let Us Pursue Adventure

by Marie Fish


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“Life is for Deep Kisses, Strange Adventure, Midnight Swims and Rambling Conversations.” —unknown

Let Us Pursue Adventure is the story of women who have married too soon, too young. They have stuck it out until their children are grown. Frederica, Gaila and Amy are facing changes in their lives. They decide to put a little fun and excitement in their days by taking a vacation without husbands. They find excitement, thrills and fun as they meet in Tennessee. Looking for more of the same in New Orleans they find love, betrayal, heartache and heartbreak. Undeterred and undaunted, they travel to the wilds of Alaska where they find adventure and tragedy. And, of course, they meet up with a few fellows along the way who make the changes in their lives more interesting.

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Format: 5.5 x 8.5 Black & White Paperback, 165 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (May 07, 2018)
ISBN10: 1478798130
ISBN13: 9781478798132
Genre: FICTION / General

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Marie FishMarie Buckley Fish worked as a newswriter in Lexington, Ohio, as a telecommunication engineer in Hood River, Oregon and Anchorage, Alaska and a senior center manager in Post Falls, Idaho while, with her husband, raising seven kids. She is now retired and lives in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho where she is pursuing her first love, writing.
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