Fearful's Journey Through the Desert

Fearful's Journey Through the Desert

by Mawdiay Faith


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One day Fearful is weeding in Prince Iniquity’s gardens but cannot concentrate on her work. She is mourning her mother’s death and trying to understand why her father ran away from the Land of Enslavement to serve King Holy One in the Land of Promise. Little does she know that everything she has known is about to be thrown into upheaval.

The Overseer suddenly calls her out of the gardens, for she is being summoned to Prince Iniquity’s courtroom. Trembling with terror, she runs to the castle, where she is presented with a mind-boggling opportunity. Prince Anointed One, Son of King Holy One, requests that she travel with Him to the Land of Promise to decide whether she wants to enter King Holy One’s service. With much trepidation, Fearful sets out with Prince Anointed One through the desert.

In this desert, she is tormented by troubling anxieties about Prince Iniquity’s cruelty. She discovers Prince Anointed One is nothing like she has imagined. She wonders if His kindness is just a façade. Prince Anointed One offers her one promise of comfort, “I will never be so far away that you can’t call for help, wherever you are.”

It is not long before Prince Anointed One’s word is put to the test. Frightened and alone, she calls out for help. “Trust Me,” came Prince Anointed One’s whisper. Just when all seems lost, Prince Anointed One shows up offering the greatest gift.

What is this gift? Will she accept?

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Format: 5.5 x 8.5 Black & White Paperback, 99 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (Sep 24, 2021)
ISBN10: 1478796693
ISBN13: 9781478796695
Genre: FICTION / Christian / Classic & Allegory

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Mawdiay FaithMawdiay Faith fell in love with writing when she was a young girl. She was first inspired by the Adventures in Odyssey series. She enjoys exploring the world and spent three years traveling West Africa and South Africa.
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