Sheeny Man Murders

Sheeny Man Murders

Son of a Son of the Thin Man

by P.A. Gawel


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Look Out! Look Out! Run for Your Lives The Sheeny Man is Coming!

Twenty first century slavery is here, Baby, and the Sheeny Man might just get you if you’re not too careful. Fueled by the greed and lust of degenerate men, the Sheeny Man devastates the poor and unguarded of our fair city for profit from the high and mighty. As you may have guessed, Nick, Laura, Doc and the rest of the Polkaholics’ gang are thrust into harm’s way forcing a baptism by fire education which may have come a little too late for one of their own.

Sheeny Man Murders contain so many predicaments capable of making your skin crawl, you’ll have little doubt that humans provide the maximum opportunity to disappoint. Although the book is fiction, the plague is as real and sick as anything you could ever imagine. Read on so that you too may know.

Product details...

Format: 6 x 9 Black & White Paperback, 487 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (Jul 09, 2018)
ISBN10: 1478794852
ISBN13: 9781478794851
Genre: FICTION / Mystery & Detective / Collections & Anthologies

Author Information...

Thinking back to his youth, P. A. Gawel began his research for this horrific thriller by drifting the back alleys of his birth city, Detroit, Michigan. Pictured here in an obscure alley very near his boyhood home, our author paused to remember, relive and restate the alley picking days, circa 1960s, enjoyed by him and his seven siblings during their formative years. But that was then and this is now. In this, the fourth of six anticipated Son of a Son of the Thin Man murder-mysteries, Phil reveals that the Sheeny Man of old has taken a turn for the worse and transitioned into a Human Trafficking monster, robbing thousands of innocent individuals a shot at a normal life. In the interest of good will, author P. A. Gawel warns: “Eating while reading this book will not end well.”
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