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The Emily Smith Trilogy, Book 2

by Tom Young


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Product description...

Jawane, Hanlee, and Persha stepped off the saucers lift onto planet Earth. They were terrified! There was no ceramic bubble to protect them from the cosmo here. There was no turning back. They saw Emily waving from a stand of trees.

Due to environmental concerns the future of the Earth looked grim. The Andrians calculated that the ability of the Earth to sustain life as we know it to be 500 years. They also believed that the introduction of the Human-Andrian Hybrids and their resultant offspring should help resolve the debilitating issues plaguing the Earth. With the Hybrids in place on the Earth, The Council of Yield, the Andrians governing body, approved the exchange program. Jawane, Hanlee, and Persha were the first of many Andrians to experience life on Earth; thus, the Assimilation began. There were also military and scientific exchanges made, all in secret not to upset the populous. The Andrians were very much aware of their own advanced intellectual abilities over the Humans. However, they were surprised with the Human’s cunning and ability to deceive their traitorous military personnel. The Human-Andrian Hybrids only accented this trait; And even more disturbing to the Andrians was the discovery of a chemical molecule in the brains of Humans which the Andrians did not have. It appeared that this chemical matrix of molecules was required for their next level of exponential mental growth. The abundant appearance of this molecular chemical matrix in Human-Andrian Hybrids seems to be an introduction to the new evolution of specie development. It was postulated by some scientist that the ability to access full cerebral capacity would continue until the new specie could use 100% of their mental capacities. However, none of this mattered to 12 year old, Sara, who went aboard an intergalactic carrier to accompany her friend, Muscula, one of the few of her species saved from extinction by Emily. Being in three months of decontamination was required, but she woke up at age 21. Sara had to come to terms of being an adult with a 12 year old mind. She had a lot of learning to accomplish as she was a Protector in the Military Space Corps. Not only that, but a deadly enemy was coming to destroy the Earth. They must all work together to prevent this from happening.

Product details...

Format: 5.5 x 8.5 Black & White Paperback, 414 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (Mar 12, 2018)
ISBN10: 1478794313
ISBN13: 9781478794318
Genre: FICTION / Science Fiction / Action & Adventure

Author Information...

I am Tom Young, I am 73. I write my books for my children, grandchildren and my great grandchildren and for all those that follow. I enjoyed writing, The Seed of Hope. And, Assimilation was a natural follow on. Also, being 73, I better get busy with Target Earth. I hope you enjoy reading them as well. I have enjoyed writing them.
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