Legal Affairs

Legal Affairs

by P. Middleton


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A Family Love Story through 4 generations

The Ivey family’s roots have been in Manhattan, New York City for over 120 years, when Carlo Ivanisimo moved with his young family from Palermo, Italy to settle in the United States. Carlo decided his surname needed to be simplified so he changed the family name to Ivey so it would be easy to pronounce and fit into American culture. A few decades later Carlo’s great grandson and now family patriarch Carl Ivey has a successful business in commodities trading which he owns and operates as sole proprietor since his father’s retirement. Carl and his wife Jenna have three children, two of whom, Ronald (Ron) and Carrie, are young adults, and they reside with their youngest child, teenage son Gabe in an opulent three-level townhouse on Manhattan’s Upper East side. Jenna, a former model, is happy with the life she has built with Carl and their children, but sometimes wonders if she might have been happier if she had pursued the dream she’d had since she was a teenager of having her own business in Hollywood. Still, all three Ivey children are extremely talented and Jenna has gotten a lot of joy by living her life through their children, especially their middle child and only daughter Carrie. Carrie has become a brilliant corporate attorney working in a prestigious Wall Street law firm, Ron is an exceptionally gifted multi-talented instrumental and vocal musician and Gabe is a high school star athlete. But after only two years spent practicing law in New York, Carrie made the sudden and radical decision to leave her high-powered, well-paying Wall Street law firm and move 3,000 miles from their family home to experience living and working in Los Angeles, California. Carrie reasoned that by utilizing her parents’ friendships and their many national and global contacts, she would have a head start making contacts of her own and establishing a west coast entertainment client business base. In the meantime, Ron has disclosed to his parents he is a gay male, Gabe seems to be hellbent on a reckless course heading toward possible life-altering teenage fatherhood with a teenage girl who is very advanced sexually and much too grown for a young teenager who is still navigating her way through high school and Carrie learns she has made a business contact that unexpectedly leads to murder. Carl and Jenna suddenly see their nice happy lifestyle starting to collapse upon them. The myriad legal affairs in which these members of the Ivey family soon find themselves entangled accidentally and purposefully have them headed on a path destined to bring highly desirable and valuable assistance and also damaging consequences and repercussions.

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Format: 6 x 9 Black & White Paperback, 320 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (Nov 06, 2017)
ISBN10: 1478792655
ISBN13: 9781478792659
Genre: FICTION / Romance / General

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P. Middleton is a seasoned attorney and has spent years advocating for and representing victims and perpetrators of violent crimes. The author has announced the upcoming book Legal Affairs 2:Fiercely Legal, Torrid Affairs, tentatively scheduled for publication in 2018.
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