The Siblings From The Sun

The Siblings From The Sun

(Unveils the hidden mysteries of the Universe)

by Elbert Vergara Badon and Elizabeth Vergara Badon


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Eureka! Science, Religion, and Myth Converge!

About 12,500 years ago, an apocalyptic event struck Earth. A nearby supergiant planet, bigger than our sun, exploded with a catastrophic, supernova outburst. One of the huge fragments rampaged through the Earth’s celestial ramparts and, in due course, the blazing rock exploded over the thick ice sheet in the Pacific, shearing off this vast land that eventually submerged. The unprecedented high-intensity seismic waves shook the entire planet, leading to the terrible Global Deluge. This is a story where mainstream scientific observations and ancient religious texts and myths harmonize!

The Siblings From The Sun is a thoroughly unique and gripping novel—based on science but filled with romance, adventure, and the horrors of nuclear war—as a small group of intrepid young adventurers fled from their moribund world, and seek a new habitable world…

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Format: 6 x 9 Black & White Paperback, 585 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (Jan 11, 2019)
ISBN10: 1478792485
ISBN13: 9781478792482
Genre: FICTION / Science Fiction / Hard Science Fiction

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Elbert Vergara Badon and Elizabeth Vergara BadonELBERT VERGARA BADON is a registered civil engineer with a BSCE degree from National University, in Manila, Philippines. In his spare time, aside from writing and researching scientific subjects, Elbert loves painting and hiking.

ELIZABETH VERGARA BADON is a nurse (BSN RN) with a degree from San Juan de Dios College in Pasay City, Philippines. She is also a registered nurse in New York. Her experience in the medical field has enhanced her understanding of the natural birth of stars, planets, and moons.
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